Omkar Power System Blog Latest Products Sat, 03 Jun 2023 04:26:59 +0530 en-us The Long-Lasting Lithium Batteries Thu, 25 Feb 2021 10:10:08 +0530 Lithium Batteries are a type of chargeable batteries that have Lithium as their anode. These batteries have recently been the center of attraction and entrepreneurs and producers are facing a steep rise in the demand for Lithium Batteries.Advantages of Lithium Batteries  Lithium Batteries are used at a rapid rate now and this rise is only because of the several disadvantages that these batteries provide. Some of them are as follows: • Lithium Batteries have long battery life and they can be used for a longer period in comparison to other batteries.• Lithium Batteries are chargeable and hence can be used in a wide variety of portable devices.• These batteries can be used for several hours and can be reused after charging for few hours.• Fast charging capacity.• In any Electric Vehicle, the Electric Vehicle Lithium Battery doubles the performance of the vehicle. There are several other advantages of Lithium-ion batteries and the above listed are very few.The Electric Vehicles StoryWe have all heard about the Electric Car Tesla named after famous scientist Nikola Tesla but have we ever wondered how this car works? Well, previously all our cars used to work on Engines howsoever now with the advent of Electric car those combustible engines are removed and electric motor is used and this motor is backed by powerful Lithium Batteries. It is this lithium battery that is used in a car to reduce the emission and cut out the growing population.The Car and the BatteryWith the growing concern regarding climate change, the companies are now trying to make electric vehicles more and more affordable and this has resulted in a growing need for more and more Electric Vehicle Lithium Battery Manufacturer into the market. India is making a considerable amount of these batteries and there have been several manufacturers that have developed them. With the growing number of manufacturers, the amount of EV Lithium Battery Supplier is also increasing, and very soon it is expected that India’s Electric Car market will face high profits.PrecautionsAlthough Lithium Batteries are widely used and they are considered as one of the uprising products and the face of the future but it should be taken into account that these batteries are only better when used properly. When used otherwise can be dangerous. Hence certain precautions should be taken while using these batteries. • If anytime there is a cell failure in any particular Lithium Battery then the amount of heat released can cause severe damage to other cells as well and that can lead to dangerous combustion sometimes. To avoid this the batteries should be regularly checked.• The chargers that are used to charge these batteries should be checked and they should be certified by NRTL• The compatibility of the battery with the charger should be checked and if it is not compatible then the charger should be changed immediately.• These batteries when damaged becomes very harmful emitters of Radioactive Rays and hence if the batteries are damaged they should be safely disposed of on land according to the state laws.Lithium Batteries are very popular and Conservationists and Environmentalists are loving the idea of using them in Vehicles to stop the accelerated amount of Global Warming. Solar Lighting: A Complete Guide With Amazing Benefits Mon, 19 Apr 2021 12:13:58 +0530 Increasingly, clean power has been discussed in order to find possible solutions to the growing ecological disaster and pollution. In fact, no think it unlikely that our exhaustible resources are being used too quickly in traditional industrial power generation. This way is therefore far from viable and many of the problems of a scale greater than the one we face today will be created not that far ahead.The situation is however not so grey and desperate as scientists who work to discover new, more environmental-friendly alternatives develop new innovations and technologies.Solar power has been identified in recent decades as one of the most efficient inexhaustible and recyclable sources of energy and several countries are already making great efforts to promote households and enterprises to invest in solar panels. Solar panels may use the energies collected for different purposes, one of which is the production of solar lighting or a solar lantern. It's primary energy supplying and storing system from its own source.Solar Lighting:Actually, it is quite simple how solar lighting operates. A photovoltaic effect used mostly for solar panels or photovoltaic cells, which can capture solar energy all day long, provides a scientific answer behind why it is possible to gather the solar energy and convert it into lighting.The energy is typically stored after becoming accumulated in a battery with a rechargeable cell and then used later in the evening when the sun would not provide light.The light is activated by a smart control that switches on the LED light by using stored energy.The panel consists of different components of crystalline silicon and of various chemicals, which can produce electron layers with negative charges and places of positive charge. The sunlight triggers electrons that are negatively charged and constrained into positively charged areas ever since they pass through the solar cell.Benefits On Offer:Since many manufacturers are competing for solar products, this technology is enhanced in months and medium-priced solar lighting systems can also be purchased from a solar lantern manufacturer. Here are the amazing benefits that you will receive while using it:● Eco-Friendly -The use of solar lights, as previously mentioned, plays an important role in reducing CO2 emissions from non-renewable sources of energy. The issues created by the burnout of the earth's resources can be reduced only by slightly acquiring solar energy and other forms of renewables.● Cost-Effective -Although this may at the beginning seem a little expensive innovation, you will see in the right way that the savings made from being paid out to your electricity supplier are ultimately added up to cover the costs of installing solar light within only a few months.● Less Maintenance -Solar lights are one of the cheapest to maintain. Besides a few checks and cleaning activities throughout the year, you have hardly anything else to do to guarantee your solar light's longevity.Final Words: Solar lighting is now offered by any solar lantern supplier in various types, designs, shapes, measurements etc. and is designed for both aesthetical and user-friendly uses. The range is great. You will finally find options which would suit your personal standards and demands without any doubts. Introducing Solar Home Light Systems at Suitable Prices Wed, 28 Jul 2021 10:18:23 +0530 Seeing the exploitation of environment and the natural resources, people are shifting towards solar energy. The solar home light system is a lighting system that operates on solar energy. It includes LED lamps, batteries, solar panels, charge controller etc. The LED lamp operates and provides lighting to the house on the electricity from the batteries which are charged through solar panels.Solar panels gain energy from the sun which is a renewable source of energy thus no harm is done to the environment while using Solar Home Light.Components of Solar Home Lighting SystemThe solar home light manufacturer uses a solar panel, battery, lighting system (lamps) and charge controller. The solar panels are semi- conductor material made from silicon. These panels are moduled in the open on roof or terrace which is directly exposed to sunlight. The batteries save up energy from the solar panels and provide power to the lamps when no energy is available. The charge controller controls the entire working system in order to protect the battery charged. It ensures that in extreme weather conditions the battery does not over charge or over discharge and thus, prevents damage to the battery. The battery and the charge controller are kept inside a protected place in the house. These systems works best for non electrified areas and as an emergency lighting system. This solar home light gets automatically turn on when it is dark and switches off in the day time.Specifications of Solar Home Lighting SystemThe solar home light system is best suited for domestic applications. Generally the solar light system is available in different varieties depending on the power supply and the voltage. The most common solar light has a voltage of around 220 V and produces power ranging from 6 watt to 40 watt. They have a sensor based lighting system which let it operates automatically. The solar home light system provides a stable performance and is suitable for both indoors and outdoors. The manufacturer of solar home light provides the system with thermocol packaging to prevent any damage.Uses of Solar Home Light SystemThese light systems are best suitable for homes or areas that are not connected to grids or where the supply of electricity is not constant. They are an excellent alternative for household level electrification in rural areas. These are used to operate fans, mobile charging and televisions also. They are mostly used as a convenient way to light streets at night without the need of electrical grids. They are used for replacing the kerosene lamps by the solar lights.Benefits of using Solar Home LightThe solar home light systems are easy to install and maintain as they do not require any other extra wiring. They aid in minimizing the air pollution and therefore nurturing environment. They are safer to use as compared to kerosene lamps which causes various respiratory problems. They are cost effective in nature as they reduce the electricity bills by thirty percent and also provide long backup lighting systems. The solar lights do not require any maintenance because it includes some moveable parts which decrease the danger of breakage. The solar home light suppliers provide the lighting system at very affordable rating that fits in your budget with the best quality products. Reasons To Invest Into The Eco Friendly Solar Street Light Tue, 26 Oct 2021 10:43:19 +0530 Street lighting is one of the vast solo expenditure for many cities around the world. Staying up-to-date with new developments and adopting solar lighting technologies reduces electricity costs exclusively and greenhouse emissions as well.Solar street lights can be a reasonably viable option in many applications. Not just in the areas where the cost of electricity bills is too expensive but also in situations where decreasing operating costs is a priority. Solar Street Light Manufacturers provide them in bulk as these are good choice for parks, highways, roads airports, area lighting, parking lots, and much other public, individual and military sites.The installation process of solar street lights While installing solar street lights, you do not need to excavation to put cables, no power depend on the grid. It uses solar energy to charge the self-contained battery during daylight, and at night, the power stored gets released by the battery and powers the lights. A photocell or a timer controls the activity of the lights from night to morning. Set up is fast and smooth, usually less than a day per solar street light. Any skilled technician can install it easily. The solar panel demands to be properly aligned to collect maximum solar energy during the day.Advantages of Solar Street Lighting Projects1). Lower power consumption2). Higher power, higher intensity3). Save all your electricity cost, save electric transformer and cable cost along with Free maintenance4). Environmental Impact - Eliminate Hazardous Disposal5). longer lifetime: The lifespan of the solar panel is 20-25 years. The lifespan of LED street lights is 6-8 years. The lifespan of the battery is 4-6 years.Reasons to opt for solar street lights:Solar street lights are recommended high, and so there is a huge demand for these lights. Solar Street Light Suppliers are there producing a broad range of solar street lights and supplying them at a reasonable price. Here are the reasons why you should also buy one. You can install it anywhere despite the environmental glitches. You can help cut the load of energy use in your country which can be good for the economy. You can help save the earth. This is an eco-friendly option so you can do your share in saving the earth, by using solar street light. You can save a huge amount in your pocket, which you will be paying for the electricity bill.There are key factors to consider when you have planned using solar street lights:It is very significant to precisely size the different elements (solar panels, solar controller, lamp, battery) according to the geographic area.Well-designed solar street lights systems can provide adequate and low-cost illumination for years, with minimum maintenance. These have a long-lasting life.Where to get high-quality solar street lights?Numerous Solar Street Light Manufacturers are providing a wider range of their products online. From there you can have a look at the varieties, sizes, features and cost price of each model. Here are the benefits of approaching an online Solar Street Light supplier:• wider range• convenience to get• affordable pricing• nationwide reach• doorstep delivery The Benefits Of Using Power Pack Lithium Batteries Tue, 21 Dec 2021 10:33:56 +0530 According to several studies and bits of research, there has been a significant increase in the use of Lithium batteries in the last few years. According to a power pack lithium battery manufacturer, their products can offer distinct advantages over any other form or type of battery. In order to gain the best possible technological advantages from these lithium power pack batteries, one needs to properly understand the various advantages or benefits of using these products. The proper understanding of this technology would allow customers or clients to use the lithium batteries in the most effective and efficient ways or methods. A large number of advantages of these batteries have led to the increased use of this technology in various applications and devices. One can find the use of power pack lithium battery in small devices that are run on electricity like mobile phones, laptops to vehicles and various other appliances. Advantages of using power pack lithium batteries • The high density of energy: One of the chief advantages of using these highly recommended batteries and their technology is their high density of energy. It is quite common to find a mobile phone using more power between the charging intervals. Hence, there must be a battery that would be present with a much greater energy density. This outstanding and innovative technology of higher density batteries and ions are considered to be extremely suitable for vehicles that are operated with the help of electricity. • Low maintenance required: The power pack lithium batteries are often in demand among customers in the market due to the low requirement of maintenance for its proper functioning and performance. The presence of Ni-cad cells was necessary for various electrical appliances for the periodic discharge of electricity. The ions of lithium are not affected by this process. Hence the need for maintenance procedures and techniques is automatically eliminated. • Characteristics of the load: Even the most highly qualified and experienced professionals have mentioned that the cells or ions of lithium have a good load characteristic. These cells can effectively provide a continuous voltage of 3.6 volts per cell. • Variety: A power pack lithium battery supplier can inform customers about the wide ranges and types of lithium batteries available in the market. These varieties are considered to be extremely beneficial as customers or clients can get the opportunity to choose the most suitable technology that can be used for a particular application. There are lithium-ionbatteries in the market that can provide customers with a high density of current that is known to be useful for smaller electronic equipment like mobile phones.There are other types of ions and batteries too that can be ideal for use in the case of electronic vehicles and tools. • Self-discharging: It has been found that rechargeable batteries can cause trouble to customers due to the rate of self-discharge. The self-discharging rate of lithium ions is proven to be much lesser than any other type of rechargeable battery available in the market. The rate of discharge is around 5% in the first few hours after being charged. This figure later drops to 1 or 2% each month.